Slow Summer

Necklace for Rene - big green one

I usually create a lot of necklaces during the summer while watching Red Sox games. I haven't watched as many because I have been working on week nights quite a bit. But I'm on vacation for one more week, so I'm back at it.

Rene said she wanted a long, big green necklace. This one will be one she can wear singled, doubled or tripled. I  will put the 3 feature beads, which are pendant like, spaced one third apart from each other so she can have the three featured in the middle. There's all kinds of materials here: chrysophase, clay, stones, plastic, glass, wood, then some polished gold colored beads too to break up the green. I just grabbed all the materials and mostly randomly spread them around the board then went back and spaced everything a little more strategically wherever it needed filling in.

I hope it comes out as good as it looks like it may!

Blue Shimmer

Shimmery beads from both shell and plastic, little blue bugle beads, some glass. Blue, taupe, white and green.

Turtle Time

Isn't this one sweet? I think so. Lots of gold finish beads: small round, square, and long, along with the turtle. Then glass beads along with some acrylic. Fun!

Pink and Brown

This is a recycled necklace. My aunt gave me a bunch of her vintage broken costume jewelry, which is where the brown comes from. The pink ovals are from a $2 necklace at Family Dollar, which I then took apart.

Shanghai Red

I needed a red necklace to go with anything black or red. It's handy. Just red wooden beads in different sizes with black matte plastic beads as spacers.